Work for Thursday's lesson -

Although we are in the computer room - you should be using this lesson to prepare the questions for the exam. Make sure you are complete with the following tasks:

1) All your questions are written and finished.
2) Complete a final redraft, using the extra language sheets you got on Tuesday, as well as the vocab on the wall of C3.
3) Use one of the following methods to plan and revise your work - Roman Room, Tennis Court, Cards, Recording yourself on to the system using Audacity.
4) Use the Wheel of Marginal Gains to identify what you need to work on to attain your benchmark grade.
5) Print off and complete the 30 word sheet in preparation for 15 March.

6) Sign up for a Parents' Evening appointment - I will be unavailable until 5.45pm. The appointment sheet is on my desk - Mae should go and collect it!
Speaking Questions

Don't forget you can reuse the presentation below to help you, and I've attached some resources that will be of use on this same page.

Tuesday's Presentation - please review this!

Resources to print out:

The Wheel of Marginal Gains is a tool that you print out, and in each of the spokes, you fill in the things you need to do to ensure that you get your benchmark grade. You can categorise the spokes for grammar, vocabularly, revision skills, learning techniques, to ensure you get a full picture of what lies ahead of you.